Dritz Dress Form

Sometimes you can’t move forward because you have a tool missing. Whether due to lack of funds to make the purchase, time, or sometimes you simply can’t find what you need. I have needed a dress form for large ladies. I mean large, not a size 14 or 18, I mean size 28 or 32. It  has been a solitary road filled with mishaps, unavailability, unreliable sources and simply misadventures. I finally gave up on a professional form. On average a professional form is $250 up to size 18. It jumps to $800-$1200 when you want it  6″ wider and a size 28. With all the larger ladies we have in our culture, you wouldn’t think it would be this difficult. But it is. And quite frankly a testament to why large clothes fit so badly. Who is testing anything?
I now have lowered the bar and have a plastic adjustable Dritz on its way. At least it goes from size 20 up to size 28.  I am thrilled to finally get my hands on one, draping, fitting and making something beautiful for our larger customers. Our website will finally bring presence and recognition to the whole range of sizes. I’m excited to begin a new line to our collection.

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