Couture Weekend

As we grow, we morph to what surrounds us. We can stay true to ourselves but who that self is,  like it or not becomes altered in ways we didn’t expect.  Sometimes we become what we don’t recognize; amazing, good or surprisingly bad.

I remember being young and craving to sew (who craves to sew?….:)…me.)  I remember having no money for fabric. On the other hand, I remember having fabric and no time, or no peace.

I know now that the pieces of you that lay passionately inside you exist decades later, you just have to be still and listen…. or play Led Zeppelin 4 to bring them out.I live in a peaceful place now. I have fabric and a studio that nurtures me. I can hear what I want to say and maybe the courage to say it.

This weekend I have declared Couture weekend. I have fabric that called out to me so I purchased it and brought it home. I have peace. I have stillness and can hear the bits of me that so long ago ached to express themselves.

I have my favorite music, when I was young, Led Zeppelin 4, available for free on UTube, gorgeous fabrics and a quieted soul waiting to seep from my fingers.

Couture weekend awaits.

Putting it all together….

I buy pieces of trims and fabric I like with no real plan. I spot something that I am attracted to and wham! It’s in my bag, after payment of course. Wicker baskets fill with these pieces and when the mood hits to play, I drag out the basket and dump it on the cutting table.

I never have a plan in mind or a sketch. For me, they are like puzzle pieces that fit together or not….even I am not quite sure what will become of it all. I thought my vintage lace and linen would look great. I was wrong. It didn’t.

Fabric 002

I was forced to move onward.

Fabric 005

The black stripe taffeta had possibilities.

Fabric 004

The brown silky netting was definitely a marriage worth exploring.

Fabric 006

The golden ruffled taffeta held brighter promise.

Fabric 008

Add in the embroidered floral sheer organza’s and silken plaids and I see at least three  Gowns. Does anyone like a quilted boned corseted bodice? I ache to make one, with a large flowing floral embroidered skirt. But this isn’t Apron Co. Here I get to make what I want and not care if it ends in a sale. Here in the studio, its just me, in frumpy clothes, a pony tail, Led Zeppelin blasting and a way too cool basket filled with fabric that I can’t wait to devour.



Photographing Carpet Bags

When I started Craft Fairs 10 years ago, I was making Carpet Bags. I sold them for years and they did a lot of traveling around the world. Now I have no time for Fairs and Art Festivals but I do have leftover bags and bag supplies that I can’t bring myself to toss out. Plus, truth be told, I love making bags. So onward to Etsy with bags.

Carpetbags 024a

When I took this picture for Etsy, I got to see the difference of my old camera’s  pictures and now. The camera and I have come a very long, long way. It gives me hope. Working all hours of the day and night, sometimes actually gets you somewhere…:)


Things I love today…

  • The fact that this template allows me to add awesome fonts that I find on the web. I love how my blog looks today. I love that I can change it tomorrow.
  • I love U Tube. I can watch a documentary on John Galiano, Isaac or listen to Michael McDonald or even watch Lucia Micarelli play Kasmir. It makes the studio come alive with inspiration.
  • I am deeply, deeply in love with linen and have only begun my relationship with its awesomeness.
  • I am in love with my new Canon. I finally understand it and know how to use it. I love how it feels in my hands.
  • I love that I have pulled out all the exquisite fabrics that I have collected and have them close by here in the studio. They inspire me. I may dare to use them soon.
  • Oh, and I love Organic French Roast and Italian Roast Coffees.
  • I love the linen Hippie Apron that I made, it inspires me forward.
  • I love the winter, it means I don’t have to mow the lawn.


What do you love today?


When is it about me?

I sew for a living. I design for a living. And I live in the same few outfits. Which actually I find designers don’t dress themselves very well. I remember the first board meeting I ever went to, an establishment I won’t name that was build on the talent of artists, it looked as if few owned a hairbrush and everyone, yes everyone, showed up for board meetings in old worn jeans and black sweatshirts or tee shirts. You would think black was the official color of artists.

This was explained to me by someone with a degree from a Parisian art school, “artists see outward and not inward” I was told. Partly true, I thought, as a dressmaker I can dress others better than myself. That’s true.

I realized, I have no interest in what I wear except how it feels, but I can dress anyone else. Thus the board meeting was filled with messy hair and black clothing. I felt like I had found my people.

But now I do need clothes, so I collect fabric. I buy pieces that go together and will make a great pairing. But then I have orders to fill, errands to do and the basket grows.


But soon it will be summer and the wonderful collection of browns won’t apply to the joyousness of spring. Its February, I have maybe 8 weeks at best.  I tell myself to at least get the skirts done, that wont take more then a few hours. The tops will be easier to do then as it will feel like I am halfway there.  Now if I can just apply my creativity to my personal needs instead of solely to my business.





MOMA Fashion Archives

I am forever thankful for the internet. My brain misses the fantastic clothing that is held in museum vaults. I cannot always drive to New York to see what I want to see. MOMA has nicely photographed and uploaded pictures just for me (not really) that I miss them less.

Here is the link if you would also like to devour real style, innovation and just the awesomeness of amazing designers. Of course if you can visit MOMA, please do so.

MOMA Fashion Archive

Photography and a new Camera

I have always hid a desire for photography. Before owning a business, the most impressive camera I ever owned was an Instamatic 110. I would take the 24 pictures and send the film away to Clarks and magically the photos would appear in the mail about a week later. My goodness have we evolved!

I now shoot hundreds of photos in a sitting on my Kodak Easy share. Downloading them minutes later, I delete some, sort the rest and then spend a good chunk of time in Photoshop. My Kodak point and shoot intimidated me at first and now after these few years, as all good evolutions  conclude, it does not do what I need, demonstrating that my needs have grown. The Kodak has been wonderful to me for these past few years. But now I feel its boundaries, stopping me from places to which I want to drift creatively ……and technically, too.

Hence, the arrival of a Canon Rebel with 2 lens, a hood, a tripod and assorted stuff of which I am still learning what each piece is and for what it is used. Having no idea of what to do is answered by Google research, paired with a well written instructional book.

What have I learned so far? After a 6 hour educational session of my camera and I today, I have learned to much to share here.  What I will share as it is the biggest piece of information is this; Set your white balance, and set it within the context of the lighting with which you use.

The First with a golden hue.

Vows, 2013.Photo proof pg 2


The second with a blue hue.

Vows, 2013.Photo proof pg 2 087

The third with a yellow hue.


Vows, 2013.Photo proof pg 2 081


Although not perfect, this was taken after I finally paid attention to the need to balance white.

Vows, 2013.Photo proof pg 2 091


Onward and upward.

Wedding Aprons

Wedding Aprons are the way I stop the heartache I feel for missing Wedding gowns. Let me drown in my studio amidst laces, satins, organdy and ribbons. I will make the dress form pretty and dressed up. I hope they sell well as I could spent my life very happily making this collection forever.


Wedding Apron

Wedding Aprons

Finally I have arrived at my favorite part, designing. Me, Mary and Ruby playing dress up and pretend to create a new line of new Wedding Aprons. Mary is draped in the first lines of what will come. And what will come? It’s always a surprise even to me.But I am happy with our first steps.

New Wedding Aprons, a beginning

The Great British Sewing Bee

I love The Great British Sewing Bee. Oh My word, this is perfect for me. Project runway is wonderful but here in the Sewing bee are regular home sewers. I could have coffee with these people and remind me how much I miss having sewing friends. This is the show for home sewers. It really is my favorite show of all time. I hope it never ends.