Fat Girls

I make Plus Size Aprons. I really want to call the line Fat Girls. I think it gives power to the term, as if to say “Here I am, I’m not going anywhere.” My fear is that few people will follow my thinking. So until I feel otherwise, we use the lame term “Plus Size”.
When people follow your new idea, its called revolution. When they don’t follow you, its called, odd man out.

Living with Roger Swain

If ever there was a man I wanted to spend time with, it is Roger Swain. I love his humor, his passion for plants, his sense of adventure and just all around really nice, happy, joyful man. Now, thanks to Netflix, I can come close. People, Plants and Places, hosted by my dear Roger, has 46 episodes availble for viewing. I clicked “yes” to allowing Roger into my studio and 46 eipsodes now play one after the other.

I now go cheerfully through my house cleaning, sewing, working in the studio into the late hours to the sound of Rogers voice around me. He tells me about tulips, and gound covers and tree. He demonstrates that tools I dream of having, He landscapes yards I dream of owning. He takes me places I want to go.

….instead of being here.


My creativity has existed within the confines of the tangible; fabric, walls, clay, roving, and quilting. I never intended to be a graphic artist. I still don’t want to be one. But living with a near empty wallet causes certain truths to exist. One of those truths is that I cannot afford a web designer. Unfortunately, it must be me. Intentional or not, I seem to be getting better at the task. My latest efforts.


It isnt enough to love someone.To remember yourself in the relationship, you have to love not only them but what they bring to your life. You have to love who you become loving them. Love will change you, if the change that comes makes us ugly, then turn away from it and let it go away to someone else.

Love should cause you to bloom, cause you to become more beautiful, more fulfilled and capable of going beyond yourself. If you find yourself with less, find yourself with more sadness than joy, You need to turn away from this love, it isnt for you. Being free leaves you open for new discoveries. Be free and open and turn true to yourself and your own needs, never someone else.


It’s January still. I await February and then March and most of all the first rainfall of the new year. I love the pattering on my rooftop , like thumbtapping of a happy hand, awaiting bliss inpatiently. I know it will come. I trust its presence in my life, every year, I smile when when I hear tapping so softly at first then with a celebratory pounding of its arrival back into my life. I smile and lay back in my bed, happy. It’s the turn in the year. For once the pattering has come on the roof, the flowers will come, the sun will be warmer and the smell of grass with fill the air during manly whirring sounds. The trees will no longer be silent but sing rustling tunes to the wind, as if soft whispered clapping and I can choose once again to be in light or shadow, every day with grass beneath my feet.

Keep warm for winter and listen for the coming of pattering.

Happy Halloween!

As I get older, I appreciate this holiday more and more. I find myself exploring the religious aspect of it as friends treat it as a religous holiday. I also appreciate its playfulness. It is the one day each year we can truly dress as we want with nothing less than applause from our community.

Blessings to all.

Teacozy Advertisement

I’m getting better at graphic arts. Better stated, I am getting more comfortable with it as an art form. I wish I had time for classes. Instead I fumble along, relying on the internet and all it has to offer wanna-be students like me. I am happy with the above photo for advertising this week. Rarely do I feel satisfied. I am getting there.

Some People

We go through each day passing by person after person. Some say Hi, some don’t . Some become a friend or not and pull away, or stay only to later drift away after years of comforting our heart. Some people land in our lives and bring an immediate irritation to our day and we try to quietly step past them.

But some people are stumbled upon by accident and we take a look only to see what slowed our step and out of curiosity we take a longer look and discover a value that we decide to look upon further. Sometimes these people shine and brighter our lives. Sometimes they bring light so bright that we will never be the same, we become illuminated in a way that we never knew we could become. Sometimes their patience and nurturing allows us to bloom and become beautiful in a way we never knew was possible.

It always seems that these are the quiet people…they sit quietly waiting for a wandering soul to pass by so they may as quietly shine and nurture them before moving on to another lucky soul.

I love my mentors as they gave me light in a darkened world…and showed me where to find the sun.

Other people’s Art

You never appreciate someone else’s art until you try it yourself. That is what graphic arts is for me. I have no idea what I am doing in the world of graphic art. It looks easy. It is not until you try to create what you want that you realize what an incorrect conclusion that one was! Thank goodness for google and its unlimited supply of information and learning tools.Google, I would not have a business without you…. ok I might….. but it would totally lack advertising and hangtags.