Saving Crap is wicked good

Dolls were the first item I sold at craft fairs in the 80’s. They were also the first item that got me accepted into a real live professional art gallery. And  surprisingly there were woman who collected my dolls……I still have trouble actually stating that as a truth but it is.

This year, I am adding them back to my business as a secondary item. They will be my happy place. (Don’t you have a life that serves as a happy place? you are probably asking…No, I don’t….:)…)

Today was the day to collect all the doll making supplies and get them organized into one place. Lo and behold I found early attempts that I saved! How exciting is this? I have my very first sculpy doll! I also have a few bad attempts at heads…they really are bad, aren’t they?


It’s awesome to save your firsts. I think it’s important to know where you came from, from where you started and understand your present expectation of yourself. Here are a few bad attempts at a head.


I also was known to make some pretty good hands, although this would not be such an item.



I can’t wait to get started. I miss painting, I miss fashion design, and I miss creating something that comes completely and effortlessly from my soul.  If only there were other like minded artists around here…..and maybe a genealogist or two. Then I could have a bigger happy place cuz I could have a friend…. in the meantime I will make dolls. They pretend to be friends….:)


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