A bit about me.

I live on Organic Decaf Coffee, except when I need caffeine, I drink Hurricane Expresso. I have music playing everywhere I am, at all times, unconditionally. I listen and love all music except country, ok, except for that one song with that women yelling, Hell Ya! in the chorus, that was cool.  Baroque and Jazz are are the top of my list. Diane Krall, Yo Yo Ma, Michael Buble, James Taylor. Michael Feinstein are favorites as are any string instruments. I garden..I garden passionately. I own 2 Guitars, a Greek Bouzouki, a Piano and a Violin. I am a secret musician. I do carpentry enough to own my own power tools . But not the kind where you have to swear, yell, throw tools, and reward yourself with steak and beer. I do carpentry with light jazz playing and talking on the phone, pausing at the sound of the table saw and the cat is always hanging around watching.  I reward myself with a nice bubble bath and glass of wine, with the cat yowling because she gets scared when I’m in the tub.

What else? I have played with fabric all my life. It’s not apt to stop, it just takes different forms of a business depending on my mood but always comes back to the core relationship of me, the machine and the fabric, set to a background of music, of course….and coffee.

My favorite video of all time still remains to be Gene, Gene, The Dancing Machine.  Were I still in school, in soc class, specifically, I would write a paper on Gene, Gene or at least a note.

I miss school, well, most of it.

Mostly I miss the sea and the people who I loved and passed away. And I miss creating things with fabric if more than a day passes without it in my hands.

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