Photographing Carpet Bags

When I started Craft Fairs 10 years ago, I was making Carpet Bags. I sold them for years and they did a lot of traveling around the world. Now I have no time for Fairs and Art Festivals but I do have leftover bags and bag supplies that I can’t bring myself to toss out. Plus, truth be told, I love making bags. So onward to Etsy with bags.

Carpetbags 024a

When I took this picture for Etsy, I got to see the difference of my old camera’s  pictures and now. The camera and I have come a very long, long way. It gives me hope. Working all hours of the day and night, sometimes actually gets you somewhere…:)

One thought on “Photographing Carpet Bags

  1. I was doing volunteer work at my community
    Giving closet, when a donation came in with a lot
    Of beautiful things and one of which was your
    Carpet bag. I was so taken back by how beautiful it was that I could not resist taking it home for myself.
    I don’t know what year you made it but who ever owned it cared deeply for it and you could see that.
    It’s pattern is golden hues in plaid I love the bright orange color.
    I know it must of been expensive, and I will enjoy it very much.

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