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Photographing Carpet Bags

When I started Craft Fairs 10 years ago, I was making Carpet Bags. I sold them for years and they did a lot of traveling around the world. Now I have no time for Fairs and Art Festivals but I do have leftover bags and bag supplies that I can’t bring myself to toss out…. Read more »

Photography and a new Camera

I have always hid a desire for photography. Before owning a business, the most impressive camera I ever owned was an Instamatic 110. I would take the 24 pictures and send the film away to Clarks and magically the photos would appear in the mail about a week later. My goodness have we evolved! I now… Read more »

…Blogger Home

Well, I’m here at last, my home, my own little rowboat now set sail on the sea of blogs that brings us together, that make friends of those who never met, read thoughts of those I have never seen, now I,too,have my own little chair upon which to sit and write.I made my very first… Read more »