Toys arrived.

The missing elements to Dollmaking have arrived and await my very enthusiastic attack. I also, in preparation, spent the weekend gathering all things I have tucked away for Dolls. I have wool roving, baskets of dress fabrics, odd artsy needlepoint, strange and wonderful yarn for hair and my favorite patterns I made so long ago.


I cant wait to start but to do so means I need the day cleared of everything else. Every artsy person has a process, mine is to clear the day of everything and everyone and then dive into the art with music filling the air in the studio.

And how I miss dressmaking, the old fashioned cut-it-right-out-of-the-fabric dressmaking. With Dolls I have no limits, no one worrying, no one elses preferences to consider. Just me and what comes of the fabric. Again, I can’t wait. This is my happy place.

_MG_8563 _MG_8564

But for now…..Yay! The last of my things arrived, I am poised to begin as soon as a clear day comes. Well, it won’t really “come”. I will have to smash everything out of the way to clear a day to have serenity and peace to drown in dollmaking.


I cant wait.

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