Brides Wedding Aprons


I am about to make more Brides Wedding Aprons. We had hoped for a rather lavish wedding photo shoot but now a simple bride with pretty flowers in gorgeous Vermont scenery will do. My issue becomes the wedding dress the model wears. I long to make gowns and miss making them so badly. I tell myself the apron is the focus, not the gown, any gown that is white and pretty would do….. check Salvation Army, used clothing shops, Craigslist. Don’t wrap up your time in making a wedding gown!…..*sigh*… my imagination runs in so many directions and the gown in my mind is beautiful, distinctive and lavish. Maybe I have ADD. It’s not wedding gowns, it’s about Aprons, Susannah! Aprons!

Here’s the photo of our traditional Brides Wedding Apron, upon which we intend to expand.

Brides Wedding Apron

I suppose I could make the apron look like the front of a gown….(she says, compromising with self)

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  1. I would like an apron to compliment my nieces dress (she is forvever spilling on herself) may I send a photo and talk with you about it?

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