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Wedding Aprons

Finally I have arrived at my favorite part, designing. Me, Mary and Ruby playing dress up and pretend to create a new line of new Wedding Aprons. Mary is draped in the first lines of what will come. And what will come? It’s always a surprise even to me.But I am happy with our first… Read more »

Brides Wedding Aprons

Brides Wedding Apron

  I am about to make more Brides Wedding Aprons. We had hoped for a rather lavish wedding photo shoot but now a simple bride with pretty flowers in gorgeous Vermont scenery will do. My issue becomes the wedding dress the model wears. I long to make gowns and miss making them so badly. I… Read more »

Ready to Sew

Tomorrow I get to sew all day. I love days like this. I love waking up and have nothing calling to me or distracting me. I even have special comfy clothes and shoes that I wear in the studio as I plod around from cutting table to sewing machine. I wear my hair in a… Read more »

Making a new Apron design

I live at the cutting table. Its mess is a reflection of the workings of my mind. Its layers speak to me alone and form a language only I understand…. another designer may be able to come in and pick out enough of that language that they would understand… or maybe not. I know I… Read more »


Somehow, someway, I really, really need to add working out to my day…and to eat real meals….not grab and go food.

Fat Girls

I make Plus Size Aprons. I really want to call the line Fat Girls. I think it gives power to the term, as if to say “Here I am, I’m not going anywhere.” My fear is that few people will follow my thinking. So until I feel otherwise, we use the lame term “Plus Size”…. Read more »

Happy Halloween!

As I get older, I appreciate this holiday more and more. I find myself exploring the religious aspect of it as friends treat it as a religous holiday. I also appreciate its playfulness. It is the one day each year we can truly dress as we want with nothing less than applause from our community…. Read more »

Teacozy Advertisement

I’m getting better at graphic arts. Better stated, I am getting more comfortable with it as an art form. I wish I had time for classes. Instead I fumble along, relying on the internet and all it has to offer wanna-be students like me. I am happy with the above photo for advertising this week…. Read more »