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Brides Wedding Aprons

Brides Wedding Apron

  I am about to make more Brides Wedding Aprons. We had hoped for a rather lavish wedding photo shoot but now a simple bride with pretty flowers in gorgeous Vermont scenery will do. My issue becomes the wedding dress the model wears. I long to make gowns and miss making them so badly. I… Read more »

Making a new Apron design

I live at the cutting table. Its mess is a reflection of the workings of my mind. Its layers speak to me alone and form a language only I understand…. another designer may be able to come in and pick out enough of that language that they would understand… or maybe not. I know I… Read more »


Vermont is warming and I’m drawn to the dirt road where I use to run each day. I worked so hard for the last decade, I am no longer physicaly what I hoped to be. Runnning use to free me from the days stress. Vermont is a beautiful place to run.~Susannah

Fat Girls

I make Plus Size Aprons. I really want to call the line Fat Girls. I think it gives power to the term, as if to say “Here I am, I’m not going anywhere.” My fear is that few people will follow my thinking. So until I feel otherwise, we use the lame term “Plus Size”…. Read more »


Teacozy, Teacozy,so pretty and fineTeacozy,Teacozy, in ribbons and LaceDress up my old potsin Teacozy CoutureAnd make them all lovely, in beauty and grace. By Susannah Allen

Teacozy Advertisement

I’m getting better at graphic arts. Better stated, I am getting more comfortable with it as an art form. I wish I had time for classes. Instead I fumble along, relying on the internet and all it has to offer wanna-be students like me. I am happy with the above photo for advertising this week…. Read more »