Monthly Archives: October 2009

Happy Halloween!

As I get older, I appreciate this holiday more and more. I find myself exploring the religious aspect of it as friends treat it as a religous holiday. I also appreciate its playfulness. It is the one day each year we can truly dress as we want with nothing less than applause from our community…. Read more »

Teacozy Advertisement

I’m getting better at graphic arts. Better stated, I am getting more comfortable with it as an art form. I wish I had time for classes. Instead I fumble along, relying on the internet and all it has to offer wanna-be students like me. I am happy with the above photo for advertising this week…. Read more »

Some People

We go through each day passing by person after person. Some say Hi, some don’t . Some become a friend or not and pull away, or stay only to later drift away after years of comforting our heart. Some people land in our lives and bring an immediate irritation to our day and we try… Read more »

Other people’s Art

You never appreciate someone else’s art until you try it yourself. That is what graphic arts is for me. I have no idea what I am doing in the world of graphic art. It looks easy. It is not until you try to create what you want that you realize what an incorrect conclusion that… Read more »