Monthly Archives: February 2013

Ready to Sew

Tomorrow I get to sew all day. I love days like this. I love waking up and have nothing calling to me or distracting me. I even have special comfy clothes and shoes that I wear in the studio as I plod around from cutting table to sewing machine. I wear my hair in a… Read more »

Making a new Apron design

I live at the cutting table. Its mess is a reflection of the workings of my mind. Its layers speak to me alone and form a language only I understand…. another designer may be able to come in and pick out enough of that language that they would understand… or maybe not. I know I… Read more »

Saved Photos of Firsts from the studio

Just like children save their art projects from school. I think most artists save their own projects. Here are a few of mine that are still fun for me to see. Not all the pictures blow up well but they bring back nice memories. Patty was my first Ebay sale and now lives out West…. Read more »

More Saved Photos of Firsts from the studio

My first Vermont Apron Company Apron, the beginning of a very fun collection.   The Beginning of the Hat collection; the first hat, at the first show on the first Styrofoam head. The first hat that I ever made where I blended both knitting and crocheting. The First Carpet Bag I ever made. It was… Read more »