The mind churns

The Gardening season has begun, an entire month earlier than usual. I begin each year by raking the remnants of the snow plow off my lawn’s edge, the goal is for this first step to take place on Earth Day. This year it was completed 4 weeks early in late March.Incredible to gain an extra month of Gardening. I look forward to what other surprises might come. In the meantime I play with ideas for new Gardening Aprons. As I begin my summer yard and garden work, I ask myself, what new Gardening Apron would help me?



My creativity has existed within the confines of the tangible; fabric, walls, clay, roving, and quilting. I never intended to be a graphic artist. I still don’t want to be one. But living with a near empty wallet causes certain truths to exist. One of those truths is that I cannot afford a web designer. Unfortunately, it must be me. Intentional or not, I seem to be getting better at the task. My latest efforts.