Me…..and Dolls

I have made Dolls for what seems like a lifetime. They have been a continuous thread woven throughout my life. Whatever form my sewing takes, whatever part my business forms into an income, dolls have been my playground. They are where I have no cares, no expectations and no standards to meet. It’s just me, fabric, paint and free flowing creative mindfulness.


Their forms take shape based on what I feel at the moment. Their hair and features also depend on my mood, my feelings or the music that I am listening to at any specific moment. They are born from my feelings more than any other work I produce.


I have boxes of vintage fabric, containers of real wool roving and paints and brushes, all awaiting my free time. I have missed making them. They have not been in my life for years. I have eeked out a place for them to rejoin my life. They have their trunk of supplies in my studio, their own Etsy shop and await only my time. They are where I go for fun.