The mind churns

The Gardening season has begun, an entire month earlier than usual. I begin each year by raking the remnants of the snow plow off my lawn’s edge, the goal is for this first step to take place on Earth Day. This year it was completed 4 weeks early in late March.Incredible to gain an extra month of Gardening. I look forward to what other surprises might come. In the meantime I play with ideas for new Gardening Aprons. As I begin my summer yard and garden work, I ask myself, what new Gardening Apron would help me?


I was Ballerina Once

I was a ballerina once, long, long ago. The sky was either blue or rain, the ground was green or snow. I was a ballerina once, with hair down past my knees, silky soft and curly too, at least I felt it so. I was a ballerina once, in the pinkest shoes I knew, I also wore my Mickey socks as well with the cutest bow. I was a ballerina once and the crowd cheered loud and long, while they sat in all our dining chairs, lined neatly in a row. I was a ballerina once my tutu couldnt be found, so I used my silky dressy slip and was so pretty just the same. I was a ballerina once, even though my brother laughed. I spun and bowed and walked tippy toe, so proud of what I was. I was a ballerina once when the sky was bluest blue, I was a ballerina once when when all my dreams were new. I was a ballerina once, that once so long ago, I miss that little piece of me, that never got to grow.
~ written by Susannah Allen

Colors in my Yard

Summertime brings a quilters palette to what was once a blanket of snow,so crisp and white,cold and quiet,now summer brings the squeaks and twits of busy birds, a ground so green, so dewy and warm under my barefeet. Summer creeps in its bed of green and bits of laughter pop out its head in colors under the sun. Pinks and purples, blues and yellows giggle in the warm air until the grass turns brown and cold again.

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