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Couture Weekend was a bust

One thing about owning a business is that it is like a 2 year old. It runs your life. You love it, but don’t be naive about who runs the show. I made one dress on Couture weekend and the rest are in pieces. My imagined 3 days of couture dressmaking fell by the wayside,… Read more »

Couture Weekend

As we grow, we morph to what surrounds us. We can stay true to ourselves but who that self is,  like it or not becomes altered in ways we didn’t expect.  Sometimes we become what we don’t recognize; amazing, good or surprisingly bad. I remember being young and craving to sew (who craves to sew?….:)…me.) … Read more »

Putting it all together….

I buy pieces of trims and fabric I like with no real plan. I spot something that I am attracted to and wham! It’s in my bag, after payment of course. Wicker baskets fill with these pieces and when the mood hits to play, I drag out the basket and dump it on the cutting… Read more »

When is it about me?

I sew for a living. I design for a living. And I live in the same few outfits. Which actually I find designers don’t dress themselves very well. I remember the first board meeting I ever went to, an establishment I won’t name that was build on the talent of artists, it looked as if… Read more »

Wedding Aprons

Finally I have arrived at my favorite part, designing. Me, Mary and Ruby playing dress up and pretend to create a new line of new Wedding Aprons. Mary is draped in the first lines of what will come. And what will come? It’s always a surprise even to me.But I am happy with our first… Read more »

Dritz Dress Form

Sometimes you can’t move forward because you have a tool missing. Whether due to lack of funds to make the purchase, time, or sometimes you simply can’t find what you need. I have needed a dress form for large ladies. I mean large, not a size 14 or 18, I mean size 28 or 32…. Read more »

Making a Prairie Dress

Prairie Dress with Petticoat

I need to make a Prairie dress for background dress form. I can make one quicker than buying one and having it shipped.  I love doing this kind of work. In the real world of fashion, I have no idea what I’m doing. Meaning, I have no language or vocabulary or official technical training. I… Read more »

Inspiration and MoMA

I spent an entire day at MoMA. Just me, alone wondering, occasionally ducking into the cafe for another coffee and checking my phone. I love wondering museums. I love turning each corner to see what fills the next group of walls. I love the lighting, the wide spaces and even the little dark creepy spaces…. Read more »

Ready to Sew

Tomorrow I get to sew all day. I love days like this. I love waking up and have nothing calling to me or distracting me. I even have special comfy clothes and shoes that I wear in the studio as I plod around from cutting table to sewing machine. I wear my hair in a… Read more »