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Living with Roger Swain

If ever there was a man I wanted to spend time with, it is Roger Swain. I love his humor, his passion for plants, his sense of adventure and just all around really nice, happy, joyful man. Now, thanks to Netflix, I can come close. People, Plants and Places, hosted by my dear Roger, has… Read more »


It isnt enough to love someone.To remember yourself in the relationship, you have to love not only them but what they bring to your life. You have to love who you become loving them. Love will change you, if the change that comes makes us ugly, then turn away from it and let it go… Read more »


It’s January still. I await February and then March and most of all the first rainfall of the new year. I love the pattering on my rooftop , like thumbtapping of a happy hand, awaiting bliss inpatiently. I know it will come. I trust its presence in my life, every year, I smile when when… Read more »

Some People

We go through each day passing by person after person. Some say Hi, some don’t . Some become a friend or not and pull away, or stay only to later drift away after years of comforting our heart. Some people land in our lives and bring an immediate irritation to our day and we try… Read more »

Other people’s Art

You never appreciate someone else’s art until you try it yourself. That is what graphic arts is for me. I have no idea what I am doing in the world of graphic art. It looks easy. It is not until you try to create what you want that you realize what an incorrect conclusion that… Read more »


What is wrong with being crooked?. …..Why do lines need to be so straight? Roads are never straight, they meander along the rivers and homes that lay upon the ground. The road simply travels amongst what lays. Straight lines are not a product of nature, rivers, streams, and the earth itself is round. Plants never… Read more »

Colors in my Yard

Summertime brings a quilters palette to what was once a blanket of snow,so crisp and white,cold and quiet,now summer brings the squeaks and twits of busy birds, a ground so green, so dewy and warm under my barefeet. Summer creeps in its bed of green and bits of laughter pop out its head in colors… Read more »


It is a truth that some people live lives that are very sad.No reason really as to why they are singled out amongst the rest of us. They just are.They seem to have things that we value but you will find that they worked 4 times as hard to have what we have.They seem to… Read more »

Winter Passing

When winter slithers in during late Autumn, I relish its arrival. Its sends me fast into the house to rest my gardener’s weariness. Shovels and hoes are cleaned and set aside for the new year. I set myself inside a fire-warmed house and dream of next years seedlings. I welcome the rest from the ever-calling… Read more »