Monthly Archives: March 2014

Couture Weekend

As we grow, we morph to what surrounds us. We can stay true to ourselves but who that self is,  like it or not becomes altered in ways we didn’t expect.  Sometimes we become what we don’t recognize; amazing, good or surprisingly bad. I remember being young and craving to sew (who craves to sew?….:)…me.) … Read more »

Putting it all together….

I buy pieces of trims and fabric I like with no real plan. I spot something that I am attracted to and wham! It’s in my bag, after payment of course. Wicker baskets fill with these pieces and when the mood hits to play, I drag out the basket and dump it on the cutting… Read more »

Photographing Carpet Bags

When I started Craft Fairs 10 years ago, I was making Carpet Bags. I sold them for years and they did a lot of traveling around the world. Now I have no time for Fairs and Art Festivals but I do have leftover bags and bag supplies that I can’t bring myself to toss out…. Read more »