Dollmaking, my favorite pasttime

Finally, finally, finally, I had a 1/2 day to dive back into my favorite sewing project. My newly purchased tools for this purpose have been sitting in the studio for months….but my primary jobs come first.

dollmaking tools


Where to start, faces or hair first? For me, one leads to the design of the other.


doll hair


Loved the ribbon, I want to work with more of this.



I have missed the feel of my sketch pencils in my hand. Oh to be a professional artist, but suffer, my dolls unto my hand.



Ribbon hair.


Wool Roving curly.


Wool Roving Blond….. which awaits blossoms and birds, I want a nest in the hair. Than onward I will go to the huge basket of fabric that I hoard specifically for gowns and cloaks for dolls, to soothe the piece of me that desperately, so desperately, misses dressmaking.