Inspiration and MoMA

I spent an entire day at MoMA. Just me, alone wondering, occasionally ducking into the cafe for another coffee and checking my phone. I love wondering museums. I love turning each corner to see what fills the next group of walls. I love the lighting, the wide spaces and even the little dark creepy spaces. And when I return home, I am filled with renewed energy, the cutting table feels energized and I cant wait to feel scissors in my hand. My fingers scribble sketches at an amazing rate, the mannequins seem to enliven with anticipation of what new thing will come. But then reality comes slowly like the closing of a windows nightly shade. The fabric I see in my head is not in my studio, the yardage I want to cut is not on my table. My moment of enthusiasm is stabilized as the reality is that I must go hunt for fabric first, if I can find what I envision and then secondly hope that my checkbook can handle it…..*sigh*