…Blogger Home

Well, I’m here at last, my home, my own little rowboat now set sail on the sea of blogs that brings us together, that make friends of those who never met, read thoughts of those I have never seen, now I,too,have my own little chair upon which to sit and write.

I made my very first banner!!! ..(taking a big proud bow!)..I would like to thank a few people that deserve credit.I need to thank Penn Arts and Sciences for their page on how to make a banner, without their page and its simplistic directions, I would still be in frustrated tears as I attemped to undergo a task for which I have no training.Thank you Penn! You saved my morning and my enthusiasm for graphic arts.Yay! I now know how to resize and attach 3 photos, add my name and save it! I feel enpowered! I feel brave!

Mostly, I would like to thank Shannon Neely for her photography. Thank you Shannon for your gorgeous photographs.Your art inspired me and guided me to find the voice I hoped to share.Your work impresses and touches me. Thank you.